The  safeconvenientsmart
way to access a chandelier

The safe, cost-effective solution to lowering your chandelier for easy maintenance.

Why Choose an Aladdin Light Lift?

Here are the benefits of installing our chandelier lift system.

Simple & Safe

Our chandelier lift provides safe, floor level access to clean or maintain your chandelier.

USA Manufacturing

Our chandelier lifts are manufactured in the USA, and we have 100% USA-based customer service.

Easy to Install

Install any chandelier safely at the floor level, eliminating the need for costly scaffolding.

Find the Right Light Lift

We have various models available. Take our model selection quiz to find the right model.

See what ALL Customers have to say:

Nick C.

ALL Customer

"Great product. Installation went very smooth. Will be purchasing product again!"

Anthony L.

ALL Customer

"Awesome company and a great product. They stand behind their products. I called with an installation issue and they sent me the part I needed fedex at no charge. The part was to fit my light to their product. It was not a defective or broken part but something specific to my installation. Thank you!!!"

Seth L.

ALL Customer

"Very good experience with the reps on the phone. They answered my questions and concerns and I am very happy with my installed lift now!"

Bryant D.

ALL Customer

"Just had a light lift and also a storage lift installed at my newly built house. Very detailed instructions with great customer service to back it up. Installer was able to reach Aladdin immediately with any questions that he had during the installation process. Would highly recommend their products."

Raymond R.

ALL Customer

"...I've rarely had better service and support, and I really feel like this company cares about their products AND their customers. I would not hesitate to buy from Aladdin again - great company. Great people."

Safety Features of the Aladdin Light Lift

  • UL Safety Listing
  • Automatically disconnects electricity when fixture is lowered
  • Has 2 separate locking systems
  • Key required to activate lift
  • No risk of electrical shock when maintaining fixture
  • Safer option than scaffolding

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