5 Creative Places To Hang A Chandelier

5 Creative Places to Hang a Chandelier

How you decide to decorate each room in your home will set the mood for your lifestyle. Often, we see chandeliers placed in the entryways of houses because they give off a luxurious ambiance right off the bat. We’ve decided to shake things up and provide you with creative places to hang chandeliers throughout your home to set that elegant vibe in unexpected places.

1. Above the Tub

While the bathroom may not be the first place you think of when discussing luxurious spots, hear us out. Adding an interesting light fixture to this room will instantly elevate this often forgotten area into a spa experience.


2. Nursery

When decorating for your own children, remember how much time you will also be spending in that room. Have fun with it! Mix and match elegant and playful styles in their room with statement pieces like a fun chandelier. Make it the next perfect spot for play dates that both moms and kids can enjoy. Bonus points: Think of all the mini photo shoots you can have of your little ones with this cute nursery as your backdrop!


3. Home Office

With lots of offices moving towards remote work during these times, it’s important to create a work environment that you can thrive in. Investing in a one-of-a-kind lighting fixture for your office space can elevate any boring room into a workspace that works best for you.


4. Outdoor Patio

When it’s not hot, we love to spend time outdoors! With the upcoming cool weather ahead, why not take advantage of your patio? Good conversation, comfy chairs, and great lighting is all you really need for a night of relaxation. Amp up your outdoor space with an earthy chandelier that matches the mood.


5. Home Library

This next area is a dream come true for the book worms out there. Placing a traditional chandelier in this space can easily give a vintage look to your library. Whether it’s one small bookshelf and a chair, or an entire room dedicated to your books, adding a chandelier will bring a certain richness to your reading nook.


We hope these interesting spots have your mind racing with new ideas for your home. Half the fun of buying a new chandelier is finding a unique spot to place it. Admire your new home addition and take care of the bulbs and chains with ease using an Aladdin Light Lift. Bothering with hefty, dangerous ladders is not something you’ll need to worry about anymore when you need to clean your centerpiece. Take it easy, and maintain your chandelier’s pristine perfection by investing in an Aladdin Light Lift today!

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