The 7 Best Holiday Statement Pieces for Your Entryway

One of the best parts of the holiday season is decking out your home with seasonal decor. The biggest reason we become excited about making our home feel just right is because we are having friends and family over during this special time of the year. We want to make sure our home feels cozy and gives off a warm holiday vibe. You may have some outdoor decorations and things to spruce up your living spaces, but don’t forget about the room that sets the whole tone for your house—your entryway.

In this blog post, we’ll cover the best statement pieces you can put in your foyer to really get your home ready for the holiday season for your friends and family.

How to Decorate Your Foyer for the Holidays

1. Garland

The number one thing every well-decorated foyer has for the holidays is garland. In traditional-style homes, you’ll find garland strung beautifully down a staircase banister. In more modern homes, you may find unique forms of garland like wooden beads. Either way, it is a holiday decorating staple for all homes.

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2. Candlesticks

The holiday season is supposed to make us feel warm and cozy. So what better way to add warmth to your home than candlesticks? Candles on your entryway table are a quick way to add that extra sense of coziness to your home for the holidays. Play around with candlesticks that are slightly different in height to add more depth to your decor.

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3. Chandelier Decorations

Most entryways have a grand light fixture hanging high from the ceilings. A great way to add some holiday cheer to your home is to decorate your foyer chandelier. You can keep it simple by adding some twigs and berries, or you can stream fancy garland or tinsel around your light fixture. Decorating your chandelier for the holidays is not only unique, but it is very eye-catching and a great conversation starter for your guests.

You may be wondering, “How would I even lower my chandelier to decorate it?” That’s where having an Aladdin Light Lift installed would come in handy. The easy-to-use light lift safely lowers and raises your chandelier at the turn of a key! It’s not just convenient for decorating, but also for when you need to change a bulb or clean the fixture.

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4. Wall art

Wall art can definitely add a nice holiday touch to your entryway. Whether it’s a print of a wintery landscape or a fun seasonal sign, be sure to hang at least one piece of wall art in your entryway. It will be a great focal point for your foyer and will be sure to grab your guests attention.

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5. Wreaths

Wreaths aren’t just for doors! Spruce up your entryway mirror by hanging a festive wreath over it. If you have a staircase in your foyer, you can also hang multiple wreaths along your banister to add some holiday cheer to your entryway.

You can go for the classic green wreaths or get creatives with wreaths made from ornaments. There are so many options to choose from!

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6. Seasonal Pillows and Throws

Have a bench conveniently placed in your entryway? Don’t neglect it when it comes time for the holidays! Invest in some fun, holiday-themed throw pillows and blankets to make your home look cozy and welcoming.

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7. Winter Themed Pieces

Lastly, you’ll need some winter-themed pieces to tie the rest of your entryway decor all together. What does that entail? It means all things winter: small pine trees, birch branches, stockings, lanterns, and even that classic red truck that carries a Christmas tree. All home decor shops have these items in stock for the holidays, so you’ll have no problem getting these must-have winter decor items for your entryway,

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Those are the 7 top things every entryway needs this holiday season. By incorporating these decorations into your foyer, your friends and family will instantly feel warm and cozy in your home which is exactly how you want them to feel!

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