The 3 Best Types of Chandeliers for Your Closet

Are you searching for the missing piece in your walk-in closet? Having a chandelier in your closet will make a big interior design statement. There are so many options though, how will you choose?

In this blog post, we are covering 3 of the most popular types of chandeliers to hang in your closet and showing you where you can find similar light fixtures for your home.

1.Rattan Chandelier

First up, a must-have material for home decor in 2020, rattan. In fact, THELIFESTYLEDCO convinced us that a rattan chandelier in our closets is a fantastic idea in one of their most recent builds.

Photo Source

Achieve this look with a similar rattan light fixture like these:

2. Glam Chandelier

Are you considering adding a chandelier to your closet to give it a hint of glamour? Then you might want to consider a classic crystal light fixture to add the perfect amount of sparkle to this room. For example, this closet featured below nailed the glam look:

Photo Source

Here are some similar options you can purchase:

3. Beaded Chandelier

Lastly, beaded chandeliers are a great choice for closets because they compliment most aesthetics such as modern, bohemian, farmhouse, and even traditional. Since it will be hanging in your closet, you can go as bold as you want with these! For instance, take a look at how it’s shown in the closet below.

Photo Source

Similarly, you can get the same look in your closet with one of these beaded chandeliers:

Ultimately, adding any kind of chandelier to your walk-in closet will be the perfect finishing touch. While chandeliers are great pieces to add to any room in your home, they can be difficult to reach to clean or change a bulb. With that in mind, you may want to consider investing in an Aladdin Light Lift. To make changing a bulb or cleaning your chandelier easier, this light lift raises and lowers your light fixture for you at just the turn of a key. As a result, you will save time and access your chandelier safely.

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