Ceiling Medallions: The Affordable Way to Make Your Home Look Expensive

Don’t forget about your “fifth wall”, a.k.a. your ceiling, when designing a room. Ceiling medallions are an easy way to add visual interest to your room. You can get one that has intricate details to add some character or keep it clean and simple.

Believe it or not, ceiling medallions are actually a pretty affordable way to spruce up your ceiling and draw even more attention to the light fixture you’ve picked out. Here are some ceiling medallions we’ve rounded up that we think will look good in any home.

Detailed Ceiling Medallions

Ceiling medallions are a low-cost update that can make your home appear more expensive. This is because they add architectural detail that your home may otherwise be lacking. Medallions with intricate details don’t always have to be used in older, traditional-style homes. In fact, they can provide a designer juxtaposition with a modern light fixture like the image below.

Image Source: West Elm

Here are a few detailed ceiling medallions that would add some sophistication to any room:

Simple Ceiling Medallions

Don’t think you can pull off a detailed ceiling medallion in your home? No worries! You can still add a pop of architectural interest to your ceiling with a medallion that has a basic style. For example, if you already have a chandelier that makes a statement, then you can just pair it with a simple medallion so that the two don’t compete. Take a look at how the photo below illustrates this concept.

Image Source: Heathered Nest

We’ve rounded up a few simple medallions that would add just the right amount of character to your ceiling:

After you install your first ceiling medallion in your home, you may find yourself adding one to every room in your home! It’s such an easy, affordable way to add character to your home. Need to find the perfect chandelier to go with your ceiling medallion? Check out our roundups for some inspiration:

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