Top 10 Farmhouse Chandelier Roundup

The farmhouse interior design style has become an increasingly popular aesthetic in homes due to its simplicity and warmth. The style calls for clean lines, neutral colors, and a mix of metal and wood that provides a sense of coziness. Once you update your room with farmhouse furnishings, don’t forget about the light fixture! It can really bring the whole room’s aesthetic together. To help you add the finishing touch, we rounded up the top 10 farmhouse chandeliers.

The only thing that you’ll have to think about after purchasing one of these chandeliers is how you’ll hang and lower it when you need to clean it or change a bulb. So, don’t forget to invest in an Aladdin Light Lift when you decide on a chandelier. It will make chandelier maintenance easier than ever before.

Here is our roundup of farmhouse chandeliers.

1.Menlo Park Dark Brown Chandelier

The wagon wheel style chandelier is a very popular choice for the farmhouse aesthetic. This specific light fixture offers sleek, clean lines and a perfect combination of wood and metal. This chandelier can bring your living room or dining room together quite nicely.

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2. Sutton Champagne Silver Leaf Chandelier

This two-tier chandelier will be an eye-catching piece in your home. It’s iron frame looks slightly distressed, which is another detail that’s prominent with the farmhouse look.

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3. Dubois Bronze and Natural Oak Chandelier

This 8-light chandelier is another great metal and wood option to help fit the farmhouse aesthetic. Its curved metal arms provide a sense of elegance while the wood helps add some warmth to the room. This would be a great choice for any room in your home.

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4. Stuyvesant Matte Gun Metal Chandelier

Exposed light bulbs are seen frequently on farmhouse chandeliers. This two-tier light fixture has a unique take on this trend. This would be a great option for a home that also has a hint of an industrial vibe.

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5. Candelaria Patina Bronze Wagon Wheel Chandelier

With both a wagon wheel style and exposed bulbs, this chandelier really hits all the marks for the perfect farmhouse light fixture. The patina bronze frame is also a great finish option to help complete the look.

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Eliminate the need for costly scaffolding to hang your chandelier and make your light fixture easily accessible with the Aladdin Light Lift.

6. Botanica White-Washed Wood Chandelier

The unique part about this light fixture is that its geometric arms are softened with whitewashed wood. So it still feels cozy while also making a bold statement. This chandelier would looks great in any farmhouse style dining room.

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7. Tifton Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Even without wood details, this chandelier’s matte black metal base, wagon wheel shape, and exposed bulbs bring in that desired farmhouse look. This would be a great statement piece for a living room or foyer due it’s large size.

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8. Magnolia Chandelier

Sleek lines and a distressed champagne leaf finish make this chandelier a great fit for any room with a farmhouse aesthetic. It’s patina look provides a sense of warmth to your space.

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9. Clark Chandelier

Another wagon wheel option that is primarily wood and has a candlelight bulb style to provide even more warmth to your room. This rustic style chandelier will complement your farmhouse space perfectly.

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10. Pogson Geometric Chandelier

To end our roundup on a bold note, here is a stunning geometric option for your farmhouse style room. The exposed bulbs, sleek lines, and metal base will make a huge statement in your home.

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These chandeliers will be sure to complete the farmhouse style in your home. Be sure to take into account how you will maintain these chandeliers over time when you purchase. An Aladdin Light Lift will help make chandelier maintenance easier than ever before by lowering your fixture to the floor level so that you can easily clean and change bulbs when needed. Click here to learn more.

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