7 Must-Have Items for Your Home’s Entryway

Your entryway is what gives the first impression of your home to your visitors. It also serves as the space where you and your family first enter and more than likely drop your belongings.  You certainly don’t want your entryway to be a cluttered mess, but you do want it to be functional and visually pleasing. 

Here are the 7 items you must have in your entryway for it to impress your guests and make your life easier and more organized.

1.Functional Storage

Tired of tripping over shoes on your way in our out of the door? Get some functional, stylish storage for your entryway. Storage can hide visually-unappealing necessities like shoes, umbrellas, kids’ backpacks, etc. You can even kill two birds on stone and get a storage ottoman, so that you can add seating to your entryway.

Here are a few picks to get your creative juices flowing:

2. Mirror

Not only are mirrors functional, but they are key to making your space feel bigger and brighter. They are great for getting one last look of yourself on your way out of the door, plus it makes your home feel more inviting.

The size of your entryway mirror will vary based on your available wall space. Feel free to get creative with multiple smaller mirrors if you have limited space. Here are a few options:

3. Light Fixture

Nothing makes a statement like a stunning chandelier hanging in your entryway. This is especially ideal if you have a high ceiling. Choose a chandelier that matches the overall style of your home (modern, rustic, contemporary, etc.)

Here are some entryway chandelier options:

Need more inspiration for light fixtures? Check out our top 10 picks for entryway chandeliers.

Be sure to invest in an Aladdin Light Lift when you get a light fixture to make chandelier maintenance easier than ever before.

4. Rug

Define your entryway with a rug to really help soften the room and tie it together. Make sure you get a nice rug that can hold up to wear and tear due to high traffic.

Runner-sized rugs are perfect for entryways because they elongate the space. Be sure to get a rug that is thin enough to not get caught in your door.

Here are a few options to get you inspired:

5. Bench

Benches not only help fill out the space of the entryway, but they’re also extremely functional for everyday use. Choose a sturdy, stylish bench where anyone can have a seat to take off or put on their shoes. Add some additional throw pillows for additional style and comfort. Here are a few bench picks for your entryway:

6. Console Table

If you have the space, a console table is a great item to invest in for your entryway. It’s a great way to show off your style and it’s also functional. You can use it to hold your keys and other items you may need on your way out of the door.

Style your console table with a lamp, plant arrangement, picture frames, a mirror, and other decorative items to set the tone for your home. Here are some great console table options for your entryway:

7. Coat Hooks/Rack

A coat hook or rack is essential if you don’t have a coat closet. This will help keep your family’s jackets all in one location and give your guests a spot to put their outerwear.

To help it not look too cluttered, try to only keep your most used outerwear hanging on the rack, and keep the rest in your personal closet. Here are some ideas for coat hooks and racks for your entryway:

Now that you have your checklist and some inspiration, you are ready to get started on transforming your entryway into a space that is functional and visually appealing. Your guests will instantly be impressed when they walk through your front door. 

Adding functional storage, lighting, and decor will really spruce this space up. Be sure to use an Aladdin Light Lift when you install your entryway chandelier. This way, you can easily change your bulb or clean your chandelier at just the turn of a key! 

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