Top 10 Modern Chandelier Round-Up

A great way to lock in a modern aesthetic in your home is to complete your rooms with light fixtures that tie the whole vibe together. Modern chandeliers have sleek lines, bold style, and usually veer away from the traditional candlelight style. There are many options to choose from, so we rounded up 10 of our favorites that will be sure to be a stunning centerpiece for any modern room.

The only thing that you’ll have to think about after purchasing one of these sophisticated chandeliers is how you’ll hang and lower it when you need to clean it or change a bulb. So, don’t forget to invest in an Aladdin Light Lift when you decide on a chandelier. It will make chandelier maintenance easier than ever before.

Here is our roundup of great modern chandelier options.

1. Industrial Onyx Pipeline Chandelier

While the shape of this 16-light chandelier looks traditional, its matte black steel arms and acrylic base modernize it. This light fixture is unique and eyecatching without stepping too outside of the box.

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2. Boca LED Large Chandelier

The spheres and arches that are incorporated throughout this chandelier’s design make it perfect for any ultra-modern household. This light fixture is available in both a brass and nickel finish and is powered by LED bulbs, making it a perfect choice for a contemporary aesthetic.

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3. Boule de Cristal Oval Chandelier

This chandelier will be the perfect addition to any luxurious, modern home. It is thoughtfully crafted with solid brass and hand-polished crystal glass.

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4. Mid-Century Parlor Chandelier

Nothing says modern like matte black contrasted with antique brass. With 12 milk glass globes giving off light, this mid-century modern light fixture will be sure to capture the attention of anyone who walks into the room.

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5. Convessi Chandelier

This all-brass chandelier brings in the modern aesthetic with its unique shades and arched arms. This contemporary light fixture is available in three different finishes and would look great in a modern living room.

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Eliminate the need for costly scaffolding to hand your modern chandelier and make your light fixture easily accessible with the Aladdin Light Lift.

6. Hudson Valley Patten Aged Brass Chandelier

A modern light fixture can be subtle while still making a statement. This Hudson Valley chandelier is the perfect example of that. Its angled, fabric shades are a soft contrast against its brass arms.

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7. Modern Pyramid Glass Globes Chandelier

The matte black pyramid base of this chandelier makes this a unique modern light fixture. Its 6 hand-blown glass globes will be sure to cast the perfect light in any contemporary dining room.

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8. Fleming LED Chandelier

Need to make a statement in your modern foyer? This intricate chandelier will make for an eye-catching centerpiece that will complete the modern aesthetic of your home.

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9. Mitzi Paige Wide Aged Brass Chandelier

This two-tier modern chandelier will make any room feel sophisticated with its milk glass globes and antique brass finish. It will look great hanging above a modern dining room table.

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10. Champeaux Round Chandelier

This modern chandelier has it all: matte black paired with aged brass, sleek curved lines, with a unique contemporary design. This round light fixture will complete the look for any modern room in your household.

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These modern chandeliers will be sure to complete the contemporary look in your home. Be sure to take into account how you will maintain these chandeliers over time when you purchase. An Aladdin Light Lift will help make chandelier maintenance easier than ever before by lowering your fixture to the floor level so that you can easily clean and change bulbs when needed. Click here to learn more.

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