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Top 10 Best-Rated Chandeliers for Every Style

Chandeliers add a touch of elegance to any room, but are definitely an investment. So how do you know which ones are worth investing in? We’ve taken the time to round up 10 of the best-rated chandeliers that complement many different design aesthetics. There is an option in our list for everyone’s style.

The only thing you’ll have to think about after purchasing one of these top-rated chandeliers, is how you’ll hang it and lower it when you need to clean it or change a bulb. So don’t forget to purchase an Aladdin Light Lift when you decide on a chandelier. It will make chandelier maintenance easier than ever before.

Here are 10 of the best-rated chandeliers.

1. Via Firenze 6-Light Chandelier by Classic Lighting

This chandelier is perfect to add loads of sparkle to any traditional style room. You can customize the metal and the type of crystals to truly make this a unique piece. It has earned 5 star reviews for being a beautiful piece that arrives in great condition.

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2. Century 6-Light Chandelier by Schonbeck

This beautiful, traditional style chandelier has earned ten 5-star reviews for being a high-quality piece that is timeless and classic. This chandelier is available in 7 different finishes so it can match any room.

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3. Oceane 9-Light Tiered Chandelier by Hinkley Lighting

This rustic, French country chandelier has a hint of traditional design elements with its elegant two-tier candle style. Its reclaimed wood frame will add just the right amount of warmth to any room. This chandelier has received 5-star ratings for both the wood and steel having beautiful finishes and for being easy to install.

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4. Corneau 12-Light Tiered Chandelier by Lark Manor

This whitewashed wood chandelier is dripping with elegance, adding the perfect French country touch to any room. It has received over 75 5-star reviews for being the perfect chandelier for high-ceiling rooms.

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5. Hamza 6-Light Chandelier by Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse

This is a more modern take on the traditional candle-style chandeliers that you usually see. It comes in 4 different finishes and complements a modern farmhouse style room perfectly. It has received over 1000 5-star reviews for being great quality and easy to install.

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Eliminate the need for costly scaffolding and make your high-ceiling chandelier easily accessible with the Aladdin Light Lift.

6. Asher 12-Light Sputnik Chandelier by Modern Rustic Interiors

If you are looking for a chandelier that has more of a midcentury modern vibe, then this sputnik chandelier might be for you. It comes in 3 different finishes and has almost 700 5-star reviews for being a showstopper and being easy to install.

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7. Adamsville 12-Light Chandelier by Gracie Oaks

This matte black, wagon wheel chandelier is very popular in farmhouse-style homes. This specific chandelier received glowing reviews for being really well made and easy to install.

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8. Bling Large Chandelier by Robert Abbey

This sparkly chandelier is perfect for any contemporary, glam setting. It comes in 3 different metal finishes and has raving reviews for its high-quality structure and radiance.

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9. Geoffrey Chandelier by Arteriors

This large 48″ round wood chandelier is the perfect statement piece for any room. It’s grey finish on the wood modernizes it, which makes it fit in multiple design aesthetics such as rustic, modern farmhouse, french country, and even traditional. It has received great reviews for being high-quality and easy to install.

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10. Oakton Bronze Chandelier by Crate and Barrel

This matte black, 6-light chandelier will work perfectly in any modern or industrial style setting. Its simple, sleek style has made customers give it a 5-star rating. Reviewers also mentioned that this chandelier is very sturdy and high-quality.

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These 10 chandeliers may differ in style, ranging from traditional to modern, but one thing they all have in common is that they have received multiple 5-star ratings for their quality. When you invest in a high-quality chandelier, it will require maintenance. Regularly cleaning and changing bulbs doesn’t have to be such a challenge though. Be sure to also invest in an Aladdin Light Lift to make maintaining your chandelier a breeze.

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