Top 10 Vintage Style Chandelier Roundup

Vintage style chandeliers are always great options since they are a timeless classic. However, there are a lot of different options out there. We rounded up 10 vintage-style chandeliers that are sure to add character to your room.

The only thing you’ll have to think about after purchasing one of these vintage chandeliers is how you’ll hang and lower it when you need to clean it or change a bulb. So don’t forget to invest in an Aladdin Light Lift when you decide on a chandelier. It will make chandelier maintenance easier than ever before.

Here are 10 great vintage style chandelier options.

1. Eleanor Heritage Brass Chandelier by Hinkley Lighting

This two-tier, brass chandelier will add the perfect vintage touch to any room. It is available in two other finishes and has a total of 9 lights which will brighten up your space.

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2. Brisbane Distressed Black 8 Light Chandelier by Kichler

This 8-light candle chandelier has a matte black metal base and is covered by a layer of fun, wood bead strings. Its unique style makes it a statement piece for any room, while still being classic and vintage.

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3. Antique Charleston Chandelier by Shades of Light

This simple chandelier is still bursting with vintage character. It’s a 6-light fixture with an antique gray finish. Fun fact: the leaf detail at the base is inspired by pineapples, which are a symbol of hospitality.

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4. Delacroix Candle Wood Bead Chandelier Light

This stunning 12-light chandelier will complement any vintage-style room. The bronze finish and draped beads detail make it a statement piece.

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5. Leanora Chrome 9-Light Chandelier by Kichler

This 9 light chandelier still has a vintage style with its candles and hanging crystals. The chrome and crystals will add a vintage glam touch to any room.

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Eliminate the need for costly scaffolding to hang your vintage-style chandelier and make your light fixture easily accessible with the Aladdin Light Lift.

6. Crystal Draped Iron Chandelier by Shades of Light

This 6-light chandelier has an antique look, yet gives off an elegant vibe with the draping crystals and gold leaf iron base. This light fixture will add a vintage touch to any room.

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7. Viola Distressed Gold Leaf Chandelier by Troy Lighting

This elegant, Victorian-inspired chandelier features handmade clear Venetian glass crystals. The draping glass beads and 12 lights will brighten any vintage-style room.

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8. Elegance Crystal Swag Chandelier by Shades of Light

Ths three-tier chandelier will dazzle in any vintage-style room. Its gold leaf finish makes it vintage, while the crystals elevate its style even more. This 12-light chandelier will make a big statement in your home.

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9. Carlton Silver Leaf Chandelier by Hinkley Lighting

This 9-light chandelier was inspired by a European candelabra design. The finish is silver leaf and it is adorned in amber pearl crystals giving it a luxurious, yet vintage look.

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10. Traditional Tristin Chandelier by Shades of Light

While this 12-chandelier isn’t in a brass finish like most vintage chandeliers, its draping crystals and two-tier candle stand will still complement any vintage-style room.

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These 10 high-quality, vintage chandeliers will add the perfect touch to your home. However, when you do choose to invest in one of these, they will require occasional maintenance. Cleaning and changing out bulbs doesn’t have to be a nuisance though. You can also invest in an Aladdin Light Lift to lower your fixture to the floor level to make maintaining your chandelier a breeze! Click here to learn more.

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