3 Reasons Why You Need a Lift for Your Chandelier

One of the most exciting and expensive purchases you will make for your home is your chandeliers. They truly elevate rooms while adding the perfect amount of light. But nothing is perfect and they do require some form of maintenance.

Think about it, when was the last time you’ve cleaned your chandelier? Is there still a dead bulb on it that you’ve been meaning to change?

Accessing your chandelier doesn’t have to be a hassle. In fact, it can be as easy as turning a key and your light fixture safely lowering down to your level. That’s where an Aladdin Light Lift comes in. You may be thinking that this product is a luxury that you don’t need, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In this blog post, we’ll discuss three reasons why everyone (including you) needs a chandelier lift.

Why You Need an Aladdin Light Lift

1. Make sure that you are cleaning your chandelier properly.

Is your chandelier not shining as brightly as it did when you first got it? This could be because of dust accumulating. When not cleaned regularly, your chandeliers can collect a lot of dust and even have cobwebs hanging off of them. Admit it, dusting the chandelier rarely crosses your mind. And when it does, you put yourself in dangerous predicaments to attempt to clean it.

You don’t have to tip-toe on a step stool ladder anymore, risking injury to yourself and potential damage to your chandelier. Instead, bring the light fixture down to your level so that you can actually give it a proper cleaning.

With the help of an Aladdin Light Lift, you safely and easily lower your light fixture to your level for frequent cleaning. Not to mention, that some chandeliers are crafted with expensive, fragile material such as glass or crystals. So you want to be sure to be extra careful when cleaning.

2. Easily change out chandelier bulbs.

Another reason your chandelier might not give off the same amount of light it used to, is because one of the bulbs burned out. You may think it’s not worth the trouble of accessing your chandelier to change it. But with an Aladdin Light Lift, you could just turn a key and it would lower your light fixture right to your level. This way you’ll have no reason to not change your bulbs!

3. Eliminate the need for costly scaffolding.

Can you imagine having to hire someone out just to change a light bulb? Even renting your own scaffolding is an expensive solution that you would have to invest in every time you needed it. Chandeliers are pricey enough on their own, so you shouldn’t have to continue spending more money to maintain them.

Instead, you can make a one-time investment into an Aladdin Light Lift and you will always be able to access your chandelier safely and quickly.

Invest in an Aladdin Light Lift Today

To recap, the three main reasons everyone needs an Aladdin Light Lift are to easily clean your chandelier, to change the light bulbs quickly, and to eliminate the need for scaffolding. The Aladdin Light Lift is a convenient, reliable tool that makes chandelier maintenance easier than ever before.

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