5 DIY Projects to Upgrade Your Chandelier

Do you see all of these fancy, modern chandeliers across the internet but can’t justify buying a new one? What if you could create a similar style light fixture on your own?

For those of you who love a good DIY project, we’ve rounded up 5 great tutorials that show you how you can upgrade your chandelier to look more modern.

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1.DIY Chandelier from Wood Beads

Photo Source: Kaleidoscope Living

This detailed blog post from Kaleidoscope Living breaks down how to create a chic wooden bead chandelier from scratch! This type of chandelier is very on trend right now, so they can be very expensive. By taking on this DIY project, you can pay a fraction of the price and have something that’s truly unique to you.

2. DIY Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Photo Source: Instructables.com

The farmhouse industrial aesthetic has taken the interior design world by storm, and at the forefront of that trend are wagon wheel chandeliers. Take your light fixture up a notch by creating your own authentic wagon wheel chandelier using this great tutorial by Instructables Workshop. Your chandelier will be one-of-a-kind while still being on-trend.

3. DIY Bentwood Pendant Light

Photo Source: Kaleidoscope Living

In this tutorial by Kaleidoscope Living, you’ll see how you can turn quilting hoops, wood glue, and a handful of other materials into this modern bentwood pendant light. Pendant lights are great options for rooms that have lower ceilings.

4. Stylish but Inexpensive Light Fixture Makeovers

Photo Source: renovatedfaith.com

Not looking to create an entire light fixture from scratch? Then this great round-up of projects from Renovated Faith is perfect for you. You can use a light fixture that you already have and just give it a little TLC to modernize it.

5. Brass to Faux Wood Chandelier Makeover

Photo Source: sheholdsdearly.com

Want to take updating your old brass chandelier up a notch? Achieve this charming faux wood look on your chandelier with the help of this tutorial by She Holds Dearly. Wooden light fixtures can help add warmth to a room and with this DIY project, you won’t have to buy a new one!

Hopefully, one of these DIY tutorials inspired you to transform one of your light fixtures into something truly unique. Don’t forget to invest in an Aladdin Light Lift to simplify the process of accessing your chandelier. With just the turn of a key, you can safely raise and lower your chandelier to floor level.

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