The Simple Guide to Buying the Right Chandelier for Your Home

Are you in the market for a new chandelier for your home? How exciting! As fun as chandelier shopping can be, you want to make sure that the light fixture you choose fits your home. But there is no need to stress about this. We are breaking down how to select the right chandelier for your room based on its size and style.

Why Does It Matter?

You may be wondering why having the right type of chandelier even matters. If it looks good at the store, then it will look great at your house, right? Well, not necessarily. Factors such as ceiling height, light fixture size, and your overall home aesthetic can influence how a chandelier will look in your home. For example, if you have 8-foot ceilings, a grand chandelier with multiple tiers may overwhelm the room.

Where to Hang Your Chandelier

Chandeliers are great for brightening up any space in your home. Most commonly, you will find chandeliers in foyers, living areas, and kitchens. That’s not to say you can’t hang them in other rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and yes, even closets. Chandeliers bring a sense of elegance to any room they’re in and eliminate the need for any harsh bright lighting.

Now that you know that there aren’t really any limitations on where you can hang your chandelier, let’s break down how to ensure you select the right size and style.

Choosing the Right Chandelier for Your Foyer

Your foyer gives the first impression of your home to anyone who walks in. So if you want to make a statement, this is the perfect place to do it. Chances are that if you have a foyer, then your home has relatively tall ceilings. This means that you can accommodate a larger chandelier, if you like.

How Tall Should My Foyer Chandelier Be?

Want to know the rule of thumb for choosing the right size? According to Home Decor Bliss, an entryway chandelier should be 2-3 inches of chandelier height per foot of ceiling height. For example, if you have 10 ft. ceilings, then you should consider chandeliers that are anywhere from 20 in.- 30 in. tall.

Lamps USA also suggests that if your foyer ceiling is as high as 11-16 ft, then you should consider a tiered chandelier to give an even bigger impression.

Foyer Chandelier Styles

While you may be initially overwhelmed by the number of chandelier choices, your home may actually help narrow down the options. You want to make sure that the chandelier you choose complements the style of your home. Light fixtures can be quite the investment, so make sure that you pick a style that will stand the test of time aesthetically while setting the right tone for your home.

For foyers, it is common to see round, tiered chandeliers. Need some inspiration for selecting your chandelier? Here is our list of 10 Foyer Chandeliers That Will Make a Statement in Your Home.

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Choosing the Right Chandelier for Your Dining Room

When you are enjoying a meal, the last thing you want is harsh lighting in the room. A nice chandelier can really take your dining room to the next level by providing sophisticated lighting that will add just the right ambiance.

What Size Should My Dining Room Chandelier Be?

For dining room chandeliers, you really want to take the height and width into consideration. You don’t want it to hang too low because the heat of the bulbs can become bothersome. You also want to make sure no one bumps their head on the light fixture when getting up from the table.

According to The Spruce, it’s best to hang your dining room chandelier 30-36 in. above your dining room table. Another handy tip they provide is to ensure that the chandelier is no closer than 4ft from any wall or piece of furniture.

Lastly, when it comes to the diameter of your chandelier, they recommend having it “one-half to two-thirds the width of the table.”

Dining Room Chandelier Styles

You can narrow down the decision of the shape and structure of your chandelier by using other elements in the room, such as your table and other furnishings. For example, if you have a long dining room table, you may want to consider an island chandelier to balance out the length. For a smaller, round dining room table, try pairing it with a ring or candle-style chandelier.

Need some inspiration for selecting your chandelier? Here is our list of 10 Chandeliers That Will Elevate Your Dining Room.

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Choosing the Right Chandelier for Your Living Room

Adding a chandelier to your living room can add a sense of luxury that you didn’t know you were missing. Placed right in the center of the room, a living room chandelier can help tie your home’s aesthetic style altogether.

What Size Should My Living Room Chandelier Be?

Since all living room sizes differ, you’ll want to stick to this helpful equation from The Spruce:

room length (ft.) + room width (ft.) = chandelier width (in.)

Ex. 12 ft. + 12 ft. = 24 in. wide chandelier

Overstock recommends hanging chandeliers 7 feet above the ground with standard 8-foot ceilings. If you have taller ceilings, they recommend hanging it 8 feet above the ground.

Living Room Chandelier Styles

When it comes to choosing the type of chandelier for your living room, you’ll want to pick a timeless choice that flows with interior design style, especially if you have an open-concept home. If you have your style narrowed, then check out these roundups we have to help your narrow down your choice.

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Chandelier shopping should be a fun time, not a stressful one. Hopefully, this simple guide helped you narrow down what size and style chandelier you need for your space. Remember that when it comes to installing and accessing your chandelier, the Aladdin Light Lift will simplify the process for you. It’s the smart, convenient, and safe way to raise and lower your light fixture.

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